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As we shape the spaces that surround us, the spaces we occupy shape us. They inspire us to draw. To write, sing, play, and design.



Spaces are what will define the 1st Annual Engineering Art Show - the goal is to provide an open space and a welcoming environment in which to share our expression of the world around us - to share our art.

Matt Stewart
Roy Leadbeater
Erik Visser
Nick Morrish
Armand Ludick
Anima McKertcher, Lucas Maidens, Huong Nguyen
James Helberg
Dylan Brenneis
Jake Dobush, Charlene Ahorro, David Mansour
Travis Hnidan
Alix Krahn
Dylan Steer
A smile in March
Brianna Lackie
Christina Small
Roy Leadbeater
Phyllis Obst
Chris Dewalt
Terry Lawson
Suzanne Kresta
Chrys Dmytruk
Donna Clement
NREF comes alive
Concrete, glass, and art
Louise Mallory
John Nychka
Spaces at UAlberta
Spaces at UAlberta
A temporary space
A time for admiration
Space at the End
Titilope Sonuga
Fraser Mah
Titilope Sonuga
Light & Dark
A backdrop
John Osborne
And the works come down
Ryan Voon
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