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Through traditional mediums and creative endeavours, we continually strive to express ourselves in the ways that we know best. Each expression begins with an intense feeling or inspiration that works to catalyze unique and personal creativity. Our spark is the idea that ignites individual passion, and in turn, artistic expression.

SPARK, the 5th annual Engineering Art Show, runs March 14 – 30, 2016 and features pop-up art exhibits, workshops, and performance art. The pop-up art exhibits, installed within the University of Alberta's engineering buildings, and workshops across the city are open to all engineering students, faculty, professionals, and retirees. The final closing reception featuring art exhibits and performance art will be held on Wednesday, March 30th (5-8pm, Faculty Club).

NREF 2nd floor
DICE 8th floor
ETLC 2nd floor - atrium by Tims Horton
solarium corner
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6204
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6216
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6223
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6229
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6213
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6200
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6215
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6203
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6187
Yoga EngArtShow Spark-6232
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